Now Registered for Massage Therapy in BC

If you've followed Shannon for the last five or so years, you likely know that her journey with massage began as a practitioner licensed and insured to perform massage in BC, but not to bill to extended medical plans or a client's "insurance". The program at the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage was high-caliber and served Shannon well; clients very much enjoyed Shannon's flowing, deep, holistic treatments. Her two years at the Scandinave Spa Whistler and running her own mobile & home-based massage business was beautiful and challenging and most importantly, led her to the next most logical step -- becoming an RMT.

The decision to return to school for the 2,200-hour massage therapy program was an easy one, given Shannon's genuine passion for massage and curiosity in the workings of the human body. The process however, has been far from easy.

Shannon can proudly say she is now a RMT in BC, one the most rigorous provinces for regulated massage therapy.

5 1/2 years
2 massage programs
2,900 hours of massage school
Hours almost equal to that in study time!
Continuing education workshops (and MANY more to come!)
Valedictorian nomination
Halifax <---> Vancouver flights x5
1 cross-country drive
Scariest exam of life: Toronto board exams
Countless happy clients
Designated "RMT" in Nova Scotia
Practice in Halifax as a Total Kneads RMT
More exams
Designated "RMT" in Ontario
More exams

And here we are.
September 2016, Designated "RMT" in British Columbia.

Worth every step.