Why you should hire a personal trainer at least once

Loved this article, "Here's why everyone should work out with a personal trainer at least once" on EliteDaily.com.

If you're wondering why an RMT is posting articles on exercise and fitness, know this - a good majority of the time what Massage Therapists treat is either injury or pain due to postural imbalances. Both can be avoided or diminished by preventive or corrective exercises. 

Certain muscles or groups of muscles need to be strengthened and others need to be stretched in order to attain optimal posture that allows the body to function in space as nature intended, thus leading to less pain and/or injury. As a registered massage therapist I recommend specific stretch and strengthen exercises for all my clients, but of course an overall exercise program is going to be most beneficial, and a personal trainer will ensure you are performing moves correctly and safely.

Check out this article on why it's worth hiring a personal trainer AT LEAST once in your life. Something as crucial as your long-term health is worth making a priority in your budget. If a single session with a trainer runs around $75, I would say in reality you would want to invest more like $225-375 for 3 to 5 sessions, in order to truly integrate your program, including safety and alignment principles, into your brain. 

I bet if you asked your future self if the $375 investment was worth it, the answer would undoubtedly be 'Yes'.