Turn off your brain, for just a little bit...

Turn off your brain, for just a little bit...

Just CLOSE your eyes, RELAX your body, QUIET your mind...
And take some long, even, slow breaths. This is "Meditation".

Not as easy as it sounds, I know.

But, listen up: after my body told me to piss off recently and stopped functioning properly (ie. I got can't-work-for-five-days level of sick because I wasn't shutting off my brain enough to stop the mental chatter which would allow me to stop stressing and sleep properly), last week I started meditating.

For as little as 5-10 minutes after waking in the morning, and in my bed at night to put myself to sleep.

THE RESULT? A more focused & efficient day, less stressing about money, more trust in how things were unfolding, and a proper rested sleep.

So why aren’t more people taking up the practice? “Because it puts us in the middle of ourselves, which is not always where we want to be,” suggests Thomson. “Often, we want to fix things rather than accept them the way they are. Many of us feel as though we can’t afford the time and energy to meditate, when in fact we can’t afford not to.”

Try it, even for just a 2-3 days, and take notice as to how your day might differ from the ones where you did not make a conscious effort to still your body and quiet your mind. What have you got to lose? You won't lose sleep, trust me.

Sweet article with facts & figures on Meditation here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200105/the-science-meditation

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