New Year, New Location!

Shannon is excited to announce her joining the Rocky Point Wellness Clinic team starting January 2018!


Rocky Point Wellness Clinic offers Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Clinical Counselling, Registered Massage Therapy, as well as Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Consultations, with plans to expand the team to include Osteopathic care, Midwifery and Holistic Nutrition. All therapists at Rocky Point Wellness Clinic have a strong focus on preventative health and recovery techniques. 

Rocky Point Wellness Clinic is pleased to provide a fully integrated team of health care professionals with a strong desire to work together to best understand and treat the various needs of their patients. They are eager to create a hub in the community by supporting local businesses, hosting educational talks, and promoting social events. 


You can book online with Shannon at Rocky Point Wellness Tuesdays & Fridays:


To a healthy & prosperous 2018 for all!




Now Registered for Massage Therapy in BC

If you've followed Shannon for the last five or so years, you likely know that her journey with massage began as a practitioner licensed and insured to perform massage in BC, but not to bill to extended medical plans or a client's "insurance". The program at the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage was high-caliber and served Shannon well; clients very much enjoyed Shannon's flowing, deep, holistic treatments. Her two years at the Scandinave Spa Whistler and running her own mobile & home-based massage business was beautiful and challenging and most importantly, led her to the next most logical step -- becoming an RMT.

The decision to return to school for the 2,200-hour massage therapy program was an easy one, given Shannon's genuine passion for massage and curiosity in the workings of the human body. The process however, has been far from easy.

Shannon can proudly say she is now a RMT in BC, one the most rigorous provinces for regulated massage therapy.

5 1/2 years
2 massage programs
2,900 hours of massage school
Hours almost equal to that in study time!
Continuing education workshops (and MANY more to come!)
Valedictorian nomination
Halifax <---> Vancouver flights x5
1 cross-country drive
Scariest exam of life: Toronto board exams
Countless happy clients
Designated "RMT" in Nova Scotia
Practice in Halifax as a Total Kneads RMT
More exams
Designated "RMT" in Ontario
More exams

And here we are.
September 2016, Designated "RMT" in British Columbia.

Worth every step.

Why you should hire a personal trainer at least once

Loved this article, "Here's why everyone should work out with a personal trainer at least once" on

If you're wondering why an RMT is posting articles on exercise and fitness, know this - a good majority of the time what Massage Therapists treat is either injury or pain due to postural imbalances. Both can be avoided or diminished by preventive or corrective exercises. 

Certain muscles or groups of muscles need to be strengthened and others need to be stretched in order to attain optimal posture that allows the body to function in space as nature intended, thus leading to less pain and/or injury. As a registered massage therapist I recommend specific stretch and strengthen exercises for all my clients, but of course an overall exercise program is going to be most beneficial, and a personal trainer will ensure you are performing moves correctly and safely.

Check out this article on why it's worth hiring a personal trainer AT LEAST once in your life. Something as crucial as your long-term health is worth making a priority in your budget. If a single session with a trainer runs around $75, I would say in reality you would want to invest more like $225-375 for 3 to 5 sessions, in order to truly integrate your program, including safety and alignment principles, into your brain. 

I bet if you asked your future self if the $375 investment was worth it, the answer would undoubtedly be 'Yes'.

New Year - New Hours! Now available Friday nights.

Friday's are for letting go...of stress, of work, of the week. End your day with a massage with me.

On alternating Friday's you will find me at either:

Total Kneads on Sullivan Street for appointments at 4:45, 6:00 and 7:15pm


Slim Gym's Fitness for Me (@ Bayer's Road Centre) for appointments at 4:00 and 5:15pm


End your week on the best possible note. Let me help you let go.


Use up your 2015 extended medical benefits - before they're gone!

Tomorrow marks the start of December! aka. "Use 'em before you lose 'em month"!

How'd that happen, hey? Soon we will be counting down the seconds to 2016. For now, count down how many days you have left to use up the remainder of your Extended Medical Benefits. As you may be aware, they do not carry over to the new year. 

It's easy to book your massages for this month. Go to and click the "Book Appointment" link, where you can search by date/time for what I have left available in December.

See you at the clinic soon!

NOTE: Shannon will be out-of-town December 24th - January 7th

Friday evening appointments with me available now until Christmas!

November and December book up at massage therapy clinics as clients attempt to get the most out of their allowed benefits for the year (have you used all your benefits this year??). Shannon has added Friday evenings up until Christmas at Total Kneads to accommodate the additional booking volume. 

Make sure to PRE-BOOK your treatments for December, as clinics fill up fast from this point on!

Wishing you the best of the season! Happy Holidays,

Honoured and thrilled to share this news!

I am absolutely honoured and thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Total Kneads Massage Therapy team upon my return to Halifax in October. Rockstar owners Sarah Letcher and Leah Castel along with their team at Total Kneads are a group of inspiring, bright, talented massage therapists that I am beyond excited to work alongside. They have created a beautiful, warm space to welcome clients into on Sullivan Street near the Hydrostone since 2004.

In addition to working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's at the well-established Sullivan St. location, I will be at the brand-spankin' new space within Slim Gym's on Bayer's Road offering massage on Wednesday's. It just opened and is ready for YOU - come check it out!

For more information, visit the website at total or book an appointment with me online!

To new beginnings...

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Practicing open-mindedness on a journey to physical health

An ego centered mind is a mind that clings to comfort and avoids discomfort at all costs. In order to make the journey that we are all called to make, we must be brave; we must be willing to go where we do not want to go and do we do not want to do; we must be willing to step out of our comfort zone or put aside the habits of mind that produce the illusion of control & certainty and ultimately give rise to our suffering.

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Shannon's going back to school!

Dear valued clients,

I am very excited to announce that as of January 2014, I will begin my journey to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. I am enrolled in the RMT program at the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thank you for your support over the past couple of years. I hope that you have found value in the service I provide. When I have completed the RMT program, my offering will only be that much stronger. In addition, I will have the ability to write receipts for extended medical coverage, which is a benefit when practicing and receiving massage in Canada.

As of November 1, 2013 I will no longer be practicing out of my space in Whistler. If you missed it, my October special is $1-per-minute. I hope to see you at least one last time before I depart. As I come & go from Whistler throughout the month of December (I will be away in November), I can inform you of my presence if you would like to take advantage of my ensuite massage service; please just let me know if you would like to be notified.

Thank you again so much for your business, and I hope that our paths cross again.


Until next time,


October Special: $60 - 60 minutes

The dollar-a-minute special is back. What better way to spend a few hours on a rainy autumn day? 


$60 - 60 minutes

$75 - 75 minutes

$90 - 90 minutes

$120 - 120 minutes


Shannon will not have a Whistler space to practice out of as of November 1st, so take advantage while you can. Plans to be announced soon, but let's just say further education is in the cards....starting January 2014.

The yoga of darkness

I really liked this article on the "darker" side of yoga. As it progresses, I feel it's more about life in general and exploring the truths.... of it, of yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be yoga that gets you into those raw places, maybe it's meditation, prayer, something else altogether....but however you get there, if you've been there, you will probably enjoy this read. 

Life's not all cupcakes and roses, as I'm sure you have discovered. But it's important to become still, and even if what comes up doesn't feel very nice inside, sitting in those not-so-nice places, that's where growth truly comes from. 


10 Things to Stop Tolerating to start being happier

I found this great article online today. Some sweet reminders of how we can simplify our ways and start living a life of true happiness.

Click for the article "Life is too short: 10 Things to Stop Tolerating":  


#1 - Stop being unhealthy.

#2- Inaction

#3- Negativity

#4- Disorganization

#5- Chronic stress 

#6- Comparing ourselves to others

#7- Thinking that perfect exists

#8- Everyone's opinion of you

#9- A job that you hate

#10- Being financially illiterate